Unusual Finds & Gifts at Juliana's Emporium

Special occasion cards, handmade jewelry, refurbished and re-purposed furniture, home decor, handmade candles,Norwegian soaps, and more.

We won't sell anything we wouldn't buy for ourselves.

We are your one-stop-shop for all kinds of refurbished furniture and antiques you need for an enhanced living room experience. Our store provides an incredible selection of items ranging from home decor and accessories to handmade scented candles and soaps that make great gifts. We also carry quality, durable, and beautifully designed jewelry at a fair, if not better, price than our competitors.

Our shop utilizes the professional capabilities of experienced craftsmen partnered with advanced tools and techniques to provide high-class results for all 
re-purposed furniture, bringing you modern designs that are specifically made to satisfy your style. It is our mission to deliver an exceptional customer experience to each customer, providing the highest quality products and services for all home accents. We make sure that we do not sell an item if we ourselves wouldn't use.

If you are interested in acquiring unique, hard to find, high-class items for your living space or if you would like to experience quality customer care for all your furniture needs, go ahead and visit our store or
contact us at Juliana's Emporium today.